10 Debate Karaoke Tweets That Make The Presidential Debate A Little Less Unbearable


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Nice Move

The internet is a wonderful place. With all of the BS that’s going on with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton these days, the internet provides us with leaked videos, lots of important info, the best takeaways from debates, and a world full of wonderful memes. The internet exploded with memes during the second debate last night, with what looks like the two candidates singing together (which I’m sure was just the two interrupting each other).

Welcome to debate karaoke.

So what should we as a society take away from the second presidential debate? Some information on tax reforms, immigration policies, that Donald Trump is misogynist, and that Hillary Clinton has “public and private opinions” on many subjects. But most importantly, we should take away that you can turn anything into internet gold. Welcome to 2016.

[via Cosmopolitan]

Image via Twitter


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