20 Reasons Sandy Isn’t Getting A Bid

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Nice Move

1. She’s a HUGE attention whore.

2. She’s showing up to all these hurricane parties without alcohol.

3. She only wears gray.

4. She’s loud, but in a “please cease existing” way rather than a “omg you’re too much, you’re so funny” way.

5. She blows everyone.

6. She’s always hysterically crying.

7. Jersey Shore has already been cancelled, so there’s really no purpose for what she’s doing to the beaches.

8. Halloweekend was supposed to be your only natural disaster this fall.

9. She’s gotten wet and wild at every frat house in the north east.

10. She’s the definition of a bad hair day.

11. She’s interrupting Gossip Girl tonight.

12. I hate to be judgmental but…she’s big. We can’t have big girls in this sorority.

13. There are so many selfies of her online.

14. She looks better with the lights off…so she insists on sitting in darkness.

15. She JUST got here and already has a horrible reputation.

16. She single-handedly got your favorite bar closed down.

17. She’s cold.

18. She thinks she’s your only friend and insists on letting your phone die, leaving you with no means of communication to the outside world.

19. She’s pretty much the opposite of a philanthropist.

20. She’s not even pretty.

No bid, Sandy. No bid.


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Nice Move


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