31 Things To Avoid Doing On Spring Break


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  1. Avoid hangovers (by continuously drinking).
  2. Avoid using shot glasses when there’s a perfectly good bottle to drink from.
  3. Avoid throwing up (in public).
  4. Avoid being sober.
  5. Avoid paying for drinks.
  6. Avoid being in a relationship.
  7. Avoid checking your email.
  8. Avoid calling your parents mid-drunken rampage.
  9. Avoid remembering whatever embarrassing things you’ll do.
  10. Avoid flirting mingling with the same guys as usual.
  11. Avoid dieting.
  12. Avoid texting your ex.
  13. Avoid staying pale.
  14. Avoid purely dancing on the dance floor.
  15. Avoid caking on a full face of makeup.
  16. Avoid going to bed early.
  17. Avoid napping through nighttime shenanigans.
  18. Avoid sleeping in.
  19. Avoid falling asleep on the beach.
  20. Avoid sleeping.
  21. Avoid being the “mom” of the group.
  22. Avoid stressing about upcoming exams.
  23. Avoid facing consequences.
  24. Avoid scrolling through social media all day.
  25. Avoid drunk crying.
  26. Avoid anything “classy.”
  27. Avoid working out.
  28. Avoid saving money.
  29. Avoid making good decisions.
  30. Avoid guys with tribal tattoos.
  31. Avoid reading your texts on the drive back home.


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