A Catcaller Stabbed A Girl In The Leg After She Ignored Him


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Nice Move


Imagine you are taking a casual midnight stroll by yourself when you hear someone hollering, “Hey. Nice legs.” What would your reaction be? My thoughts would be, “Um okay. Thanks, creeper?” THOUGHTS. I wouldn’t actually respond. It’s midnight and someone is catcalling you. That’s disturbing.

This past Friday, Taylor McTague experienced this. Except her situation was much, much worse than having some stranger “complimenting” her. The man who was yelling at her decided to follow her after she ignored him. Once he caught up to her, he pushed her up against a telephone pole and pulled out a Swiss Army Knife. He then added, “Didn’t your mom teach you to thank someone when they compliment you?” The asshole then continued to stab her in the leg and said, “I guess your legs aren’t so great now.” The jerk ran off immediately after.

To make things even worse, men have been making fun of it through sick messages on Facebook. McTague shared these terrorizing messages on Twitter.

What kind of monsters think this is a joke? A woman got fucking STABBED and people are sending her these messages. I’m disgusted.

[via Elite Daily]

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