All-Day McDonald’s Breakfast Might Become A Thing This Fall


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Nice Move

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Good news, McDonald’s lovers: There is a God, because all-day breakfast could actually be a thing. The chain is considering serving all your favorite morning noms throughout the day, putting you on the fast track to McDiabetes in no time.

This is actually pretty awesome, because anyone who’s had a nasty hangover will tell you that there’s nothing worse than arriving at the window only to have the lady in the headset inform you that it’s 10:31 and you’re too McTardy to eat your McBreakfast.

This change could start as early as October, but not all chains will feature the entire breakfast menu. Operators have to make the world’s most difficult choice of whether they want to feature biscuits or muffins for breakfast sandwiches. Such an important decision. So vital to the well being of our country.

I imagine this is happening because McDonald’s sales have been decreasing since 2013. I’m not sure why it took so long for people to realize that their good is practically garbage, but maybe this surge of trans fat and grease will help us all forget once again. Ignorance is bliss, amiright?

[via Wall Street Journal]

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