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      Manuel Fratsoloras

      your name Bro dirt says it all your fucking dirt. and try Univeristy of Virginia in 1869 dumbass. Italy in 1400 may be the original origin but theres nothing more Frat than Virginia. And I’m pretty sure SAE is a buncha pussies as this picture proves….
      btw I don’t live in Alabama shithead I kive in the great ole stae of Georgia. and at least headquarters isn’t in fucking Illinois…ya real fucking frat you dumbass GDI fuck

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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      Bro Dirt

      and kappa sigs are 10 year low-tier fraternities. im pretty sure we’re the first in the south. so before you judge a REAL fraternity founded where YOU live (aka not guido Italy, who the fuck frats in italy anyways?” lets go frat over a pizza. real fucking cool wannabes. history never dies, but shit fraternities do.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago

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