ASU Alpha Phi’s Movie-Quality Recruitment Video Makes Your Life Look Like Trash


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Nice Move


Last year, the normal world was shocked when they caught a glimpse at just how amazing recruitment videos can be. When the University of Miami Delta Gamma’s video went viral, society realized that being in a sorority is about more than just bonding, philanthropy, and sisterhood — it’s about Oscar-worthy drone shots and fan-freaking-tastic editing.

Last year DG’s video generated close to two million views on Youtube. It was the number one trending story on Facebook and made national news. So, naturally, another chapter wanted to snag the production company that put out the PNM-winning video. And this year, Alpha Phi at Arizona State University got to work with the mastermind behind the video, Artec Media.

And it did not disappoint. Hot air balloons, cliff jumping, hiking, and even an effing helicopter ride, this is the ultimate recruitment video and/or action movie.

Good luck topping that.

[via Youtube]

Image via Youtube

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