Athletes With Girlfriends That Should Be Out Of Their League


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Nice Move

After seeing pictures of Johnny Football’s girlfriend, Sarah Savage, I, like many others, thought one thing: she’s gorgeous. Way too pretty for even Johnny Heisman. There’s nothing you can say to convince me that she’d be with Johnny if not for his quick feet, good arm, and now, Heisman trophy. I’m sure Johnny has a fabulous personality, and I know some people believe the ideology that “looks don’t matter,” but there’s no way she’d talk to him if he was just your average, drunk, obnoxious, not-even-in-a-fraternity, college boy. According to internet hearsay, she’s 25 years old. She’s already been out of college for three years. What can a 25-year-old woman with a degree have in common with a 20-year-old boy who is stupid enough to hand a cop a fake ID?! NOTHING. But hey, props to her. She’s got a badass profile picture with the trophy now that I can only assume she’d been planning, down to the Instagram filter, for months. I just hope that if things last between the two of them that her children don’t turn out looking like characters from Sesame Street.

My thoughts are, if you’re going to date an athlete, date one who is at least somewhat in your league so it’s not blatantly obvious that you’re only with him for one reason. Sarah is obviously not the first to commit this crime. I’ve compiled a list of athletes with girlfriends or wives who are way out of their leagues, barring the jerseys and the pretty paychecks.

Tony Romo (Dallas Cowboys QB) and Candice Crawford

Tim Lincecum (San Francisco Giant’s pitcher) and “Kart Girl”*

*Nobody knows her real name, but her nickname makes it clear she’s a confirmed cleat chaser,

Ryan Tannehill (Miami Dolphins QB) and Lauren Tannehill

Christian Ponder (Minnesota Vikings QB) and Samantha Steele

I’m not sure how you can be engaged to someone without any photo documentation that you actually dated, but these two have managed do it.

Ricky Bobby and his Smokin’ Hot Wife



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  1. 6
    Jon M Fratsman

    I think what you were trying to say here was “Athletic Gentlemen Whom Have Outkicked Their Coverage”. Look it up.

    Also, I’m still butthurt about Sam Steele. She made me want to be a better man.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
  2. -4

    When will women figure this out? If a guy is rich and/or famous it doesn’t fucking matter how ugly he is – he is automatically in or above the league of any woman, no matter how hot she is. Johnny Manziel is a household name all over America right now and likely a first round draft pick in the NFL 2-3 years from now. This girl is just one of many hot bitches he will fuck during the course of his football career. Almost no one even knows her name – she’s just “Johnny Football’s slampiece”.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
  3. -9

    this is soo dumb. I went to high school with her, she was older than me so probably around 22ish. Her & Johnny have been together on and off for a while now. At least a couple of years, if he was my boyfriend and we were on & off, I’d make sure we were on when he won the heisman too.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago