‘Bad Lip Reading’ Is Remaking ‘High School Musical’


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Nice Move

high school musical bad lip reading

High School Musical is a timeless classic. It has brought us a decade of singing and dancing, as well as shirtless pictures of Zac Efron *swoon.* You can watch the movie over and over again, knowing every line and move, and never get sick of it. But after watching the Bad Lip Reading version of HMS, you will never be able to look at it the same.

Here is a clip of the traditional love story of Chorky and Lumpkinella:

Want more? Here’s the Status Quo number like you have never seen before:

If tears are streaming down your face with laughter and you just can not get enough, fear not. You can catch a full episode of HMS Bad Lip Reading on Disney XD on July 11 at 11 AM ET/PT, or you can just wait until they put it on the internet. Until then, you can catch me watching these clips until they get old. Which will probably be never.

[via ET Online]

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