Barbie Doll Designed With Realistic Proportions


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It comes as no shock that Barbie dolls are ridiculously disproportioned representations of actual women. We’ve all heard the statistics — she’d be forced to move around on all fours, because her tiny body wouldn’t be able to support her giant breasts and head. If it wasn’t a scientific fact that men prefer tiny girls of *cough* maybe the 5’1” variety, I’m sure most guys wouldn’t mind staring at the hot Amazonian blonde, in perma-doggy, looking ready to go. In case you’re curious, Barbie’s “real-life” measurements would be as follows:



If you’ve forgotten what a 16-inch waist looks like on a real woman crazy enough to get it that small, CLICK HERE to check one out.

So we’ll just say, if I’m wishing for someone else’s body (and trust me, I am), it’s not going to be that of the Mattel doll we all came to love so much as little girls. There’s been a ton of speculation over the years that Barbie’s measurements can have a negative impact on young girls who look up to the figurine. This may be true, or it may not. After all, I think most toys have unrealistic proportions, and Barbie doesn’t even have a vagina, so it should be obvious she’s not real, but kids also believe in other preposterous fantasies, like Santa Claus, and love, so who knows?

In any case, artist Nickolay Lamm created a Barbie doll boasting the proportions of a typical 19-year-old female. Of course she’s shorter, and thicker, and compared with the dolls available for resale has a less “idealistic” figure, but all in all, she still looks pretty darn cute.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.51.00 PM
Barbie 1

Barbie 2

Barbie 3

Lamm beckons the question: “If there’s even a small chance of Barbie in its present form negatively influencing girls, and if Barbie looks good as an average-sized woman in America, what’s stopping Mattel from making one?” Will that vision eventually be realized? That’s a decision up to Mattel.

In the meantime, I beckon the question: Who knew the average 19-year-old girl had such a donk?

[via Huffington Post]

Images via Huffington Post and Daily Mail


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