Chris Brown Is Facing New Assault Charges


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Nice Move

Chris Brown singing

Things are not looking so easy for Breezy.

According to Buzzfeed, Chris Brown was arrested Tuesday after an alleged argument in his Los Angeles home led to CB pulling a gun and pointing it at model Baylee Curran’s head. Evidently, all of this started because Curran “touched a piece of jewelry that was up for sale.”

Of course, Breezy and Co. are denying everything. He took to social media posting a bunch of videos claiming that the whole thing was made up and that if police wanted to arrest him, they’d need a warrant. Which clearly they got. Police responded to the 911 call and booked Chris for assault with a deadly weapon.

Curran decided to match Brown’s bet and raise him one by posting videos of the altercation on her Instagram. The video was deleted, but some snaps are still floating around on Twitter.

It’s still unclear what all went on, but Chris doesn’t exactly have the cleanest record when it comes to assault charges. We all remember the Rihanna incident and the backlash that received. Recently, his former manager, Michael Guirguis, claimed CB repeatedly punched him. The dude was banned from Australia in 2015 over his string of domestic violence charges.

Chill bro.

[via Buzzfeed]

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