Drunk Drivers Injure People At Both Oklahoma State And Delaware State Homecomings


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Drunk Driving

If there is one subset of people in the world that I absolutely cannot stand, it’s people who drink and drive. I’m totally cool with the drinking part (obviously), but when you drink and get behind the wheel of a car, you are not only making a piss-poor decision for yourself, but you are endangering people around you who didn’t have any say in that decision. So, in my opinion, people who get behind the wheel drunk instead of calling an Uber are complete asshats. And unfortunately, there were two tragic incidents of such idiocy that took place this weekend at homecoming festivities.

On Saturday morning, a driver in Stillwater, Oklahoma allegedly hit an unmanned police motorcycle before driving into the crowd of spectators watching Oklahoma State’s homecoming parade. The incident killed four of the people in the crowd. Among the victims are Nakita Parbhakar (23), Bonnie Jean Stone (65), Marvin Lyle Stone (65), and an unidentified two-year-old boy. 47 other people were injured in the crash. As of Sunday, 17 remained in the hospital and five are in critical condition. The driver remains in city jail, currently charged with driving under the influence. According to CNN, OSU’s President said that after careful deliberation, the university decided to proceed with Saturday afternoon’s OSU football game, with the team praying for the victims prior to the game.

But wait. There’s more.

On Saturday evening, a 28-year-old driver in Mitchellville, Maryland, was trying to park a Mercedes Benz by a fraternity picnic area at Delaware State’s homecoming festivities. But instead, he left the car in reverse when he got out. The car started moving, and when he got back into the driver’s seat to stop the vehicle, he hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. The car to drove into a crowd of people, injuring seven, one seriously. The driver has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, first-degree vehicular assault, six counts of second-degree vehicular assault, and failure to carry proof of insurance. He was released on Sunday after posting $9,000 bail. The university chose to cancel the remainder of the weekend’s homecoming events.

Drive safe, everyone. And remember, it’s better to pay an Uber than to pay for someone’s life. Our thoughts are with the victims of both incidents.

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