Fraternities At The University Of Kansas Decide To Completely Ban Hard Liquor From Their Houses


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Nice Move


In an interesting move, the University of Kansas’ Interfraternity Council voted this week to ban hard liquor in their facilities starting this fall. Not just at parties, but from the houses entirely, regardless of whether a resident is of legal drinking age. According to The Lawrence Journal World, The IFC President, Chris Pyle, spoke out about this totally NF decision.

The Interfraternity Council has been having extensive conversations for several months on creating healthier and safer environments, and we believe that this policy is a critical first step in changing the drinking culture within the Greek community. I am very proud of our fraternity presidents for having the courage to pass this policy in an effort to make fraternity houses a safer place for all KU students.

Not so fast there, Chris. I’m not entirely sure the presidents made this decision on their own. David Steen, an alum and Housing Corporation President for the Kappa Sigma chapter on campus (which is currently on probation for two years following allegations of sexual assault at the house during an “unapproved social event” over homecoming weekend), shed a little more light on the situation. He claims a group of fraternity and sorority alumni in the area started talking about alcohol issues last year, and had suggested the hard alcohol ban earlier this spring. He also said that “During a meeting between alumni and current students in March, the idea was strongly supported by sorority women and met with mixed reviews by fraternity men.” From mixed reviews to overwhelming approval? Interesting, Kansas. Real interesting.

Personally, I think it’s time that we stop putting the blame on hard liquor. I mean, let’s be real, I make as many poor decisions when I’m wine drunk as I do when I’m vodka drunk. I don’t think that a ban on hard alcohol is the answer to Greek life’s problems. Either way, I’m pretty sure that hard liquor will still find its way into the fraternity houses despite the ban. But just in case….who’s hosting the pre-game?

[via The Lawrence Journal World]

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