It’s Actually Grosser To Kiss A Guy Than Your Dog


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dog pulling girl's bathing suit top

Some people are grossed out by dog kisses. While I am definitely not in that camp, it’s not an entirely unreasonable thing to be disgusted by. Dogs do use their tongues to lick all kinds of things, so it’s understandable that some people think it’s repulsive to have that same tongue give you a puppy smooch. But science now says that doggie tongue is actually probably cleaner than the one belonging to that random guy at the bar.

A new study from dog fence company Havahart Wireless found that human mouths actually have a lot more bacteria in them than dogs mouths do. 1.4 times more, to be exact. Which equates to something like 2,000.000 more germs in a guy’s mouth than in your pooch’s.

But the study did reveal something else: while your dog’s mouth may be less germy than your boyfriend’s, the study found that your dog’s stuff, like his toys and his bowls, actually have two times more germs than the things humans use every day, like forks, bowls, and phones.

A graphic posted to Imgur breaks down the findings of Havahart’s study:

Sure makes me feel better than the only ones giving me any smooches lately are of the canine variety.

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