Here’s Hands Down The 14 Funniest Parodies Of That Strange Shia LaBeouf Video


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Nice Move

I’m not really sure where I stand on Shia LaBeouf these days. He’s got that crazy intellectual artist thing going for him that is either a self-aware shtick, or he’s actually just insane. I still think he’s kinda hot. Judge me. Anyway, the Beouf has been spending his time lately picking up artsy “no one understands me” type gigs. Did you see him in the Sia video? Crushed it.

His newest project, #INTRODUCTIONS, features Shia doing what he does best, just letting his freak flag fly whilst reciting monologues in front of a green screen. Highlights include: dirty rat tail, motorcycle helmet, meditation, and best of all, a motivational rant screaming “JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!” It didn’t take the people of the Internet long before they took advantage of this green screen privilege — and it’s the greatest thing ever.

Watch these without getting a bad case of the giggles, I dare you.

Shia harasses his neighbor.

Shia joins team Slytherin.

Shia helps Buzz Lightyear fly.

Shia stars in The Avengers as “The Hulk.”

Shia motivates you from the ’80s.

Shia motivates you to the core of your being.

Shia helps two characters from some movie called Star Wars kiss.

James Franco tells you to, “Just Poo It.”

Hologram Shia yells at you through your Apple Watch.

Shia participates in that weird soccer Haka thingy.

Shia gives us all hope in an iconic TED Talk.

Shia joins Team Batman in Dawn Of Do It.

Shia sings his beautiful rendition of MJ’s “Beat It.”

Shia demands you change your life by going to Everest College.

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