If You Lose Your Underwear This Weekend, Uber Will Bring You A New Pair


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If You Lose Your Underwear This Weekend, Uber Will Bring You A New Pair

As much as weekends can be tough on your liver, they can also spell trouble for a girl’s underthings, if she meets a handsome gentleman guy that’s good enough for tonight at the bar. If he’s doing it right, a lady’s unmentionables could wind up ripped, ruined, or simply lost. But there is good news for the women of New York this V-Day weekend, because if you find yourself in an underwear jam the morning after, Uber can help you out.

Starting on February 12th through Sunday, UberRUSH will be offering free delivery in Manhattan on lingerie from Naja, a line co-owned by Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez. Among the items you can order are this Gina Bralette, named after the leading lady.

In case you feel like a complete skank for needing to have Uber bring you underwear on V-Day weekend, look at it this way: Naja employs women in the slums of Colombia to make lingerie bags that are offered with each transaction, so you’re actually doing a good deed by getting an urgent panty delivery after your night of debauchery. And everyone knows, you’re nothing if not philanthropic, right?

[via Daily Dot]

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