Is Professional Housewifery Still Attainable?


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Nice Move

I feel that I am speaking for the majority of the TSM community here when I say that someday, at some perfect point in time, we could see ourselves having babies. Hell, for some of my readers, that’s the end goal and I totally get that. As a Biology major who is headed to Veterinary school, I have learned time and time again about the powerful evolutionary forces at work that make just the smallest part of you melt just a little bit when you see a sweet little one dressed like the future legacy that she is. It’s just wired into us. Being of college age, your raging hormones are at their peak, but, as I so maturely put it “Sorry, I have shit to do.”

I have immense respect for the career women who do not care to reproduce. I think it’s sad that the people with the most to offer the gene pool are the first to opt out, but I completely get it. Hell, I was one of them. I could never imagine myself with a family, because my southern alcoholic mother made it clear she missed “the good life.” Whatever, no harm done here. Bitch. I see both sides of the coin.

However, I also see the flip side. Holding a baby who isn’t my own is powerful enough; I cannot imagine if he or she were mine. And, frankly, it’s traditionally been our role in society to provide a vehicle for the man to carry on the family lineage and work full time making a home for our husband and caring for his babies. (Obviously with staff. I don’t know how it works otherwise.) There is a powerful biological force driving us to have and nurture babies, and it’s generally a very rewarding process.

The issue I see, in our modern society, is that the old values are still very much there. As ladies of breeding and class, we’re likely to date or marry men who grew up in a house where their mothers’ responsibilities included raising her children either herself or with the help of a full time nanny (God bless Audrey, I’d be in rehab by now if it weren’t for her.), being her husband’s personal assistant, entertaining regularly, and supervising the house staff. The men we eventually will marry will see all of these responsibilities as “women’s work.” Hell, my mother did not even work and still had a nanny, housekeeper, and groundskeeper. But today, society expects the same homemaking along with a full time job, totally bogus.

The more I date in this frightening post-grad world, the more afraid I become that I am not going to be able to provide for my children and my husband the way I always envisioned. I have dreams and ambitions of my own, of course, but to take on the role of the lady of the house is more than a full time job. To settle for frozen dinners, day care, and a poorly kept house seems a detriment to my future husband and, most importantly, my future children. The current economy; however, is such that a single income family that can provide for their children’s future is only a possibility for a select few men. And of those select few, well, the more I look at them, the more I have to wonder if giving up on my dream of the perfect family is worth avoiding a lifetime of being unappreciated or controlled, or frankly, just viewing my marriage as a career. At the end of the day, 20 years down the line, I still want to love having dinner on the table for the man I love rather than viewing it as another job requirement.

Now, I can’t help but wonder how my family life will play out. Does the world we grew up in no longer exist?




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    My mom teaches in a public school, but it’s because she wants too, not because she has too. My brother and I, as both working engineers getting our MBAs in the evenings, make more than enough to maintain the family lifestyle. And yes we have a lake house and a beach house on both coasts. Stop being a cunt bubble shit. Hot Piece for life.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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    My Mom is the bread winner for my family, and I’m in her sorority now that I’m in college. She teaches Home Ec (has for the past 25 years), can cook/bake/sew/craft anything, and manages to be an AMAZING party thrower at the drop of a hat. My Dad also works, but as a private contractor. My mom has a full time job, 3 kids, and does everything a proper housewife should. Don’t you dare say its not an attainable goal. Raise your standards.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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      Veronica Ruckh

      ^^Settle the fuck down. She didn’t say it’s not attainable. A literary technique was used here. It’s called rhetoric, implemented to make the reader think about a given subject/phenomenon. Sratire gave no definitive answer to her question, just wrote a thought-provoking column about the times-a-changing and the fact of the matter is it IS harder to be a housewife if you’re also working full time.

      That’s great for your mom…but keep in mind, school teachers (particularly teachers of subjects that are, for lack of a better word, bullshit) get home from work 2-4 hours before other careerpeople. Also….if your mom is a teacher and she’s the breadwinner….well, you’re poor. I’m sorry, but it had to be said.

      Chill out, braaaaaahhhhh

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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      Obviously you don’t know that when teachers are in a system for a certain amount of time, they start making bank. Ever heard of doing RESEARCH on the internet and not spending your entire day on TFM? Also, it’s a private school. And the only person who makes more than her is the principal. So maybe you should research exactly HOW teachers salaries work before you assume shit. Because now I believe you are the kid of girl who wants to live off her frat daddy? Hope you’re not ugly. He’s not going to want those saggy tits in a few years, sweetheart.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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        hot piece of TSM

        First of all, TFM is my job. I work in the office 9-6… 10-6 five days a week so it’s absolutely appropriate for me to spend my time on this site, it’s what I get paid to do. Not to be redundant, but emphasis on PAID so your little theory on living off my “frat daddy” is null, but I am hoping to stay home while my children are little.

        Second of all, my tits are perfect.

        Most importantly, I don’t need to do research to know that teachers’ salaries increase with time. The highest paid teachers are still usually making under 100k (which is HARDLY making bank), but let’s even assume this masterful home ec teacher is above and beyond that. 115k, which is the higher than most principals, is the higher income in your household meaning your family is still barely bringing in 200k between two people and I’m being generous. – That’s not a lot of money for a family of five. You’re not like a bottom feeder or something but don’t pretend you’re rolling in dough making “BANK.”

        Also, pretty sure private school teachers make LESS than public school teachers.

        Stop being a bitch.

        ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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      Hawtpiece is right, public school teachers do make more than private school teachers. However, private school teachers are better skilled and more qualified, so Bubblebutt (seriously?) does have that going for her. But, on the other hand, Hawtpiece’s boobies are huge. We demand rush boobs. Buuuuut, Bubblebutt is right that there’s nothing wrong with a working mom. It’s more American than a welfare mom, just not srat. Then again, if you’re mom teaches Home Ec and is second in salary only to the headmaster, something fishy is probably going on. TEAM HAWTPIECE.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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    Jon M Fratsman

    On a non-butt pee or kitchen/sandwich related note, you can always go back to work after all your kids are out of the house, if that’s your cup of tea. It probably won’t be the route my mom and her Master’s in international business choose to go, but I imagine plenty of gals will. It doesn’t have to be one way or the other.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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    Good article, I have totally wondered the same things this year.! I love reading about another girl who is in a sorority and wants to be a vet! If you don’t mind me asking, what vet school did you decide on?

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago