Kappa Delta At University Of Memphis Murders Stroll Off Competition


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Nice Move

Kappa Delta At University Of Memphis Murder Their Stroll Off Competition

The women of Kappa Delta at University of Memphis are on a whole ‘nother level. They participated in their school’s Flip Flop Stroll Off competition. Each sorority was paired up with a fraternity in the Divine 9 (historically black organizations). Their partners, Alpha Phi Alpha, taught them their strolls. The Alphas incorporate themes of evolution, which is why many of the moves are primate-like. To get into the arena for the competition, AKA collected over 1,000 school supplies that were donated to elementary schools in inner city Memphis.

The KDs ape out on the stage with their grit on (the purposefully contorted faces) and fucking KILL it.

Promoting Greek unity while showing off your sick moves. TSM.

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