Kate Winslet’s Original Screen Test for Titanic Surfaces


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Nice Move

As pretty much basically everybody knows, Titanic is making all sorts of reappearances lately. Hitting the big screens in 3D, which is stupid. Personally, I’m just not a fan of the whole 3D thing, it makes me dizzy, and I don’t really need to see people plummeting toward their deaths at me. And today it came out on Blu-Ray. It’s also been on TV a shit-ton lately, meaning I just rewatched it and discovered a few things I’d missed out on back in the second grade:

1. Cal was rich and handsome. Jack was poor and handsome. Rose was an idiot.
2. Molly Brown really didn’t get it.
3. Rose could have shared the door with Jack, and the movie would have had a happy ending.
4. There were some really gay quotes, that as a child seemed poetic, and now seem ridiculous: “I’ll never let go, Jack. I’ll never let go.”
5. Old lady Rose’s hair and feet were disgusting, and it was totally unnecessary to zoom in on those decrepit things when she stepped up on the ledge at the end.
6. The “scandalous” scene where you see a boob is not the big deal everyone made it out to be before we grew our own…yet in this movie, specifically, it still seems like a big deal in my head.
7. Leonardo DiCaprio is not only just as good-looking as eight-year-old me thought he was, but also a really great actor.

Anyway, while I was discovering all these things, someone else was discovering Kate Winslet’s original screen test for Titanic. It’s weird because she’s blonde in it, and Jack Dawson isn’t Leo (who I will ALWAYS love), and this scene is not actually in the movie, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

For your viewing pleasure:


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