Kendall Jenner And Harry Styles Spotted Kissing On A Yacht Yesterday (Photos)


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Nice Move

They say you can’t have it all and then there’s freaking KENDALL JENNER. She’s hot, she’s rich, she’s popular, and she’s probably actually a really nice person. Ugh.

She’s rumored to have had sexy time with Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas, and now she’s adding another to the list to really make us all hate her guts. Now she’s out and about with of course, Harry Styles. While the two have dodged dating rumors before, now we have photo evidence. Mwahaha.

The match made in genetic heaven were photographed yesterday on a yacht in St. Barts yesterday. Because what else could they possibly be doing? It’s obvious the two are in pre-Netflix and chill mode, or in their case, “yacht and chill.” If they try pulling the “just friends” card I’m going to lose it.

Who could she possibly move onto next? Cue the jealous eye roll.

[via Twitter]

Image via YouTube


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