Lindsay Lohan Endorses Romney


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Nice Move

Lindsay Lohan’s life has been crazy lately – she got into a huge, cocaine-fueled argument with her mother, Dina, at an LA club last week, she’s saving her family’s New York home from foreclosure, and I think she’s still got pending criminal charges against her. So dark. Anyway, like most basketcases do in a state of mental instability, Lindsay Lohan has dyed her hair back to her natural red, which is suitable because she’s also publicly announced her affiliation with the Republican party.

Jumping on the bandwagon of celebrities who appear to have common sense, Lohan has officially released a statement endorsing R-Money in this year’s presidential election. This is refreshing to me, because most celebrities tend to blindly endorse whichever democratic candidate is running, and thus, inspire millions of other idiots to vote left when they actually have no idea what their liberal candidate stands for.

While I do support Lindsay’s choice in candidate, I don’t really know if she understands her own reasoning for the endorsement. Lohan stated, “I just think employment is really important right now. So, as of now, Mitt Romney.” Yes, Lindsay, I agree employment is important…but I don’t think Mitt’s economic plans include the type of jobs you have in mind. Hate to say it, but regardless of who is in office, it’s going to take more than a political overhaul to get LaLohan’s career back on track.

She needs a prayer.



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