Lol – Disney Princesses Age Progression To 2015


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Nice Move

Old Disney Princesses

Is everybody tired of “Disney Princesses As _____” yet? Same. Almost. I could probably get on board with Disney Princesses As Porn Stars or Disney Princesses as drag queens. But What I’m feeling really good about right now is Disney Princesses Age Progressed To Be Their Actual Age. It’s so over-the-top ridiculous, that I can’t help but laugh.


Still a babe.


Not still a babe. You know what they say. White people age like milk.


I know what you’re thinking. 1989? Is that what Taylor Swift would look like without plastic surgery and a team of people to make her look presentable every day? No, Arial wasn’t born in ’89, she was created in ’89. She was already 16. Fear not.


I always LOL at blonde people. Like, I get that it works out for you your whole life, and your mustache is invisible, and you don’t get leg hair, and you’re basically winning the war between blondes and brunettes and always will. But when you’re a million, and looks don’t matter, your hair goes straight to white, and never stops at gray. So. Who’s the real winner?


Julie Andrews? Is that you?

Snow White


I can’t.

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