LSU Gymnast Proves To Be The Baddest Athlete Of All Time, Has Coolest Routine Ever

Those dance moves. Yes.

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Nice Move


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  1. -17

    I liked the use of the word “bitch” people and their respectability politics though. To each their own, unless you don’t mind a little profanity here and there.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 2 years ago
  2. -24

    This is awesome, but I respectfully submit Tasha Smith from Oregon State, she was doing this back in 2006. And I think you will all agree that she is legit. Examples: her perfect 10.0 routine the original routine with some MJ Moonwalking action that won everyone over… and her freshman year @ PAC 10s.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 2 years ago