Massive High School Girl Fight Is Straight Up Out Of “Mean Girls”


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As someone who was once slapped by a drunk girl in a rival sorority, I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on (bout to be a whaaaaaaaat?) a girl fight. Tensions get the best of us, jealousies eat away at us, and conflicts inevitably arise. While the mature, level headed part of my brain says that violence is never the answer, the bigger, more fucked up part of whatever it is that’s floating around in my skull says that sometimes bitches need to be tamed. Sometimes girlfriends need to be put back in line. Sometimes hos need an extension or two ripped out before they’re reminded who’s really in charge. While I could never legally encourage fighting, I can legally say that I get it. And should it happen when I’m present, you best believe that I will pull up a seat, grab the popcorn, and root for the bigger girl — because the bigger girl always wins, and if you root against her, she’s coming for you next. Like I said, I consider myself to be an expert on girl fights, and rule #1 is that you watch your own ass first and foremost. Bitches be crazy, y’all, but bitches never be stupid.

Perfectly capturing the female mentality during a girl on girl brawl is a video of a fight that took place yesterday at Churchville high school in Rochester, NY. What starts out as a seemingly silly locker bay argument between two cardigan-wearing young ladies, turns into a massive brawl involving every student in that school carrying a pair of ovaries. Seriously, check it out. It’s straight out of “Mean Girls.”

P.S. Where are their teachers?!

Catie Warren

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