Nickelodeon May Be Dedicating An Entire Channel To All Your ’90s Favorites


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Nice Move

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Remember when hearing the “Rugrats” theme song had you running towards your large box-y TV? Or getting nightmares after watching “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” or “Goosebumps?” What about laughing to Ask Ashley on “All That?” That was great TV. If you turn on Nickelodeon now, it’s just one big cringe.

Seriously. I can’t handle all the bad over-acting. It hurts.

Well Nickelodeon has been listening to all of our ’90s kids’ prayers, and may be making our dreams come true. They’ve been spamming all of their social media with teasers for something called “The Splat.” Could this be a nod to the iconic green slime?! Even the hashtag, #TheSplatIsComing, is building it up to be something epic.

The trailer leaves a lot of questions unanswered. What exactly is The Splat? Is it a channel?! Is it a late night special on Nickelodeon?! Will we see other classics like “Clarissa Explains It All” and “The Amanda Show?!” I need details now!

In the meantime, start the dial up and refresh The Splat’s website until your until your mom needs to use the phone.

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