Now You Can Vote Republican AND Have A Woman President — Meet The Candidate


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Nice Move

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Regardless of whether you’re interested in politics or not, this upcoming presidential election is a historic one. Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the Democratic party with her inspirational “Getting Started” campaign ad, and had everyone buzzing. Hillary appears confident, strong, and like a genuine candidate, regardless of sex. But just like everything else on the internet, it quickly became a gender issue with people claiming voters will vote left just to have a female president.

Well now, that is no longer an issue. Meet Carly Fiorina, the Republican who announced her run for presidency yesterday via Twitter. I like her style.

The Austin, Texas native and breast cancer survivor also released her campaign ad, which included a cheeky nod to Hillary. Now more than ever, is the time to pay attention to politics, as I’m sure it’ll be a bumpy and entertaining ride.

Let the games begin.

Image via YouTube
[via NPR]


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