People With Absolutely No Chill Are Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters


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Baby Instagram

People are crazy. Parents? They’re even worse. Not only are they using Instagram to shove pictures down our throats, parents who clearly do not deserve the miracle of life have been naming their children after filters. According to Time, these are the names that significantly increased in popularity over the last year:

1. Lux
2. Ludwig
3. Amaro
4. Reyes
5. Hudson
6. Kelvin
7. Juno
8. Valencia
9. Willow

These are all fine names if you detach the actual meaning behind them. They didn’t find these names in their favorite book. These names was not passed down through family lineage. These names were found while their mothers were trying to figure out which filter made their selfie look best.

“Can you guys help me pick a filter? I don’t know if i should go with XX-Pro or Valencia. I wanna look tan. Wait, Valencia would be a killer baby name. I think my water just broke! But first, lemme take a selfie.”

If we’re not careful, these could become the future list of popular baby names:

1. Fleek
2. Odyssey
3. Bae
4. Hover
5. Bumble
6. Fetty
7. Moscato
8. Tempora
9. Shade
10. Ornah

People are crazy.

[via Time]

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