PSY Releases New Song About Dad Bods With A Weirder Video Than “Gangnam Style”


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Nice Move

Remember 2012? It was a simpler time. We were all busy planking, Harlem Shaking, and listening to PSY’s hit-jam sensation “Gangnam Style” on repeat. While we’ve long since moved on and left PSY at the wayside, he’s still working hard pumping out music.

His newest song, “Daddy” is pretty good. He even got South Korea’s version of Nicki Minaj, CL on the track (If you haven’t heard of her, get with it). You’ll probably be hearing it in the background of the club as you throw back a shot from some random guy. And the best part is, it’s basically about Dad Bod! Here’s a snippet of the lyrics.

(Hey, where’d you get that body from?
Where’d you get that body from?
Where’d you get that body from?)
I got it from my daddy

While I love the song, and it’s great message — #TeamDadBod — I just can’t get behind the video.

It follows PSY as he’s growing up, but with his adult head ‘shopped on a little kid’s body. So we see adult PSY crushing on little girls, turning on his teacher, and I’m just gonna stop there. You can watch for yourself.

Makes me feel v. uncomfy.

[via YouTube]

Image via YouTube


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