Rihanna Takes A Jab At Her Exes On Instagram


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Nice Move

Every now and again, it’s nice to see celebs act like “normal” people. Sure, their normal involves designer dresses that cost more than we make in a year, hotel suites bigger than the square footage of our homes, and making mucho dinero for just posting to social media (something we do every day, for free).

But once in a while, the aforementioned social media allows us to see that despite our very different realities, stars are people, too. People with exes. Who they want to throw thinly veiled shade at now that they are in a relationship. Case in point: Rihanna’s Instagram post from Friday evening, now that she is happily coupled up with Drake.


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Now, while your exes include that dude from high school and Matt The Frat Guy from freshman year, Rihanna’s roster of ex-boyfriends ~allegedly~ includes Leonardo DiCaprio, basketball players J.R. Smith and Rashard Lewis, baseball player Matt Kemp, and of course, Chris Brown. All are single to my knowledge, excluding DiCaprio who, you guessed it, is dating a Victoria’s Secret model.

[via Elle]

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