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Now I know we all love to craft and bake like there is no tomorrow, but what about everthing else we do that makes us amazing? A chance to discuss equestrian, skiing, hunting, and anything else that we do and rock at.



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    1874SocietyGirl said:

    chiprincess said:

    Running. I ran 7 half-marathons last year!

    That’s fantastic! Do you train by yourself? I started running this year, and I’ve gotten up to about 4 miles a day, but I’m not sure how to tackle the half marathon. Any tips?

    I got a training schedule from a friend and once I did the first one, I just kept up with at least one long run on the weekend and I had no problem keeping up with the mileage and signing up for a half if I thought one looked fun. 4 miles is a great start. During the week I would try and do 3-5 miles 4 out of the 5 days then start working your way up one mile per week on Saturday or Sunday. Next week try doing a 5 or 6 mile run on Saturday, then go up a mile each week. Try and participate in local 5 or 10ks to help with your speed. In Mobile it is so hot during the summer there really are not any races (short or long distance) so I just try to make sure I get in about 30 miles a week and then I am good for the fall when there are more local half marathons. Let me know if you need anymore tips and remember to stay hydrated!

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    Betty Draper

    Lacrosse is a very sratty sport, but mostly only in the Mid-Atlantic (ie. Maryland, Virginia, and DC). I personally love soccer, sailing, tennis, and crew. I used to golf when I was younger, and I really wish I had stuck with it!

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    The Golden Key said:

    EverForward013 said:

    The Golden Key said:

    EverForward013 said:

    I grew up on Quarterhorses and Paints, I did hunter/jumper for a couple years, but nothing beats the thrill of barrel racing and pole bending in my book. I love horses in general and support all forms of riding, except for those that abuse the animals themselves. Thats why I’ve never enjoyed saddlebreds. SLAM to all riders, who share my passion for horses!

    Um, what makes you think that every Saddlebred is abused? I know one who does dressage and he loves it.

    I guess I had a bad experience with a couple of high dollar show barns in SC that taught their Saddlebreds to pick their feet up by throwing fire crackers in the stall when they were foals.

    While that is sad, I don’t understand why that means you have to shun an entire breed just because some of them are abused. That would be like me saying that I’ve never enjoyed Quarter Horses because some of them are western pleasure peanut rollers or because I had a bad experience watching a video of Craig Schmersal abusing his reiner (

    Horses of all breeds are abused. Obviously it should stop, but why discriminate against a perfectly good breed? A good horse is a good horse and should be treated as such.

    I wasnt trying to shun the whole breed, I’ve never been really into gaited horse showing and I wasn’t very sure what it was called. So I take back the statement against saddle breds and turn it against the treatment of horses in the gaited horse community. @ The Golden Key, you are very right honey I know there isnt a lady on here who doesnt treat their precious horses like a treasure. It just disgusts me to know there are people out there who do that kind of nonsense.

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    Golf in High School. Most of the team joined houses across the country. We had matching monogrammed hair ribbons we wore to school each day we had a match. I also swam and played tennis at my country club growing up!

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