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Now I know we all love to craft and bake like there is no tomorrow, but what about everthing else we do that makes us amazing? A chance to discuss equestrian, skiing, hunting, and anything else that we do and rock at.


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Nice Move


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    Sorry to do this but I’m a softball girl. I’m not very good on a horse although I do love the animal, and I have never had the opportunity to go sailing. Golf is too quiet for me, but I respect the dedication that people put into it. I hope to one day get better at it and actually play again.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 4 years ago
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    You all are making me nostalgic. I used to ride when I was young, but then we moved and it wasn’t an option anymore. One of my best childhood memories is how proud I felt when I could finally get on and off my horse by myself. Are you ever too old to take it up again?

    Fishing=TSM. My summer plans include a lot of bass fishing at my grandfather’s lake.

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    APhi Lady_In_Bows

    Grand_Zlam said:

    Cheerleading, dance (all forms), running, and I know it’s not a sport but yoga. Defs a great way to stay in shape and blow off some steam!

    Agreed, agreed, agreed! :) Pro cheer and dance were my life up until college, and yoga: the greatest invention ever next to pearls and dresses. <3

    As a side note I guess because I grew up on the Southern East Coast I learned more towards water sports than land. Not too many having mentioned water boarding or surfing…I guess their not sratty sports but still expensive and definitely a work out :)

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    Glitter_and_Pearls said:

    Any equestrians might be able to help me answer this one.
    I’m a long time Arab owner, I’ve had a few pure and Arab crosses but I’m looking for something (if at all possible) a little hotter. My trainer suggested a Trakehner or a Trakehner cross. Any thoughts on the breed?

    I’ve had everything from Quarter Horses to Andalusians and it just depends on the bloodlines! I’ve had a few excellent Trakehners and a few not so excellent ones… I have a granddaughter of Abdullah that I use in jumping and dressage(occasionally) and she is AMAZING! They are hot but also rather flighty (if you don’t like hitting the dirt, don’t bother haha!). Honestly though,the most feisty yet well-behaved horse I’ve had has been an Arab/Thoroughbred mix! Can’t get much hotter!

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    kbazz said:

    The Golden Key said:

    EverForward013 said:

    I grew up on Quarterhorses and Paints, I did hunter/jumper for a couple years, but nothing beats the thrill of barrel racing and pole bending in my book. I love horses in general and support all forms of riding, except for those that abuse the animals themselves. Thats why I’ve never enjoyed saddlebreds. SLAM to all riders, who share my passion for horses!

    Um, what makes you think that every Saddlebred is abused? I know one who does dressage and he loves it.

    A lot of people who do the gaited horse circuits do some pretty creepy stuff to get that really exaggerated movement. I’ve heard of people putting acid on the horses’ pasterns to make them really sensitive and then putting chains over the raw area to make them step higher. I’m sure all the girls on here treat their horses like the kings and queens they are and would never think of that, but apparently it’s a big problem in the gaited horse world.

    I love dressage (and every other equestrian event) but there is definitely a lot of terrible things done behind closed doors that most girls who ride never hear about. A darling horse I had a few years ago had awful scars that you wouldn’t notice unless you looked while cleaning out her hoof that came from her first owner who (unsuccessfully) attempted to train her too young. But sport can have horses that are abused. Just be careful ladies!

    Anyways… I LOVE barrel racing too! It may not be as refined but the rush is incredible!

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 3 years ago

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