Stephen Colbert’s Love Story About How He Met His Wife Is Beyond Adorable


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Nice Move


I’m a sucker for a good love story. I don’t care how cheesy, unrealistic, or envy-inducing it is. When I see two people who are obviously in love, whether it be on screen, in my mind while reading a book, or IRL, I can’t help but sport a big, goofy grin and spend the next 2.5 hours planning my own romantic wedding on Pinterest, no matter how imaginary and noexistant it is. So when Stephen Colbert, one of the best comedians and performers in the game, took a few minutes before his show to talk about how he met his wife, I nestled down and got ready to feel those little love butterflies in my chest, and boy, he did not disappoint.

It would low key suck to be the other girl, though. Still, I smell a Nicholas Sparks movie on the horizon.

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