Texas Tech Chi Omega Holds Entire Week Of Events For Make-A-Wish


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Let’s be honest — getting our stuff together long enough to hold one philanthropy event is a challenge. It’s not that we don’t love philanthropy; of course, we do. But sometimes getting organized enough to put on a successful event can prove to be a bit difficult.

So what if your chapter put on five events? And what if they did it in one week? That’s what the Chi Omega chapter at Texas Tech did, putting on a week-long series of fundraisers they dubbed Wish Week, to raise funds for the North Texas chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“Our focus was just getting Make-A-Wish out there,” senior Kristen Mills told KAMC. “Rather than just one large event, we wanted small events where people could feel like they were giving back in ways that they could.”

Included in the week-long event were “give back” nights at local restaurants, a dessert party, a raffle, and a “Rock For Wishes” concert. The chapter aimed to make enough to grant one wish – about $9,000 – but they exceeded their own expectations, raising over $15,000 for the organization.

Mills explained that one of the really great things about working with the local Make-A-Wish chapter is that they get to see the funds raised used right there in their community.

“What’s really awesome is all the money that we’re raising throughout the week stays here in Lubbock for the North Texas chapter so we’re actually able to see our money put out into the wishes that are actually here, right in front of our faces, rather than just writing a check and sending it off and not knowing what happens to it. We hope that the Lubbock community sees that there’s young people out here making a difference for the Lubbock community, it’s really cool.”

Way to make wishes come true, ladies.

To contribute to the chapter’s fundraising efforts for Make-A-Wish, click here.

[via KAMC]

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