The C-Word Accidentally Slipped Its Way In To A Hunger Games Promo


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Nice Move

Hunger Games Promo Accidentally Slips In The C-Word

A friend of mine recently told me that she didn’t really like The Hunger Games. I promptly removed her from my life, because I am seriously entranced by the series. I think it’s an incredibly captivating story, made for teens, and I’m not ashamed of it. I am simply dying for the final film to come out, and as the internet has pointed out, it will be here in a mere 100 days.


But people are freaking out for all the wrong reasons. As it turns out, there was a slight slip-up and the promo accidentally says the word “cunt.” No big deal.

*Entire marketing team gets fired.*

Here’s that video again to pump you up for the next cuntred days.

Better luck next time.

[h/t Cosmo]

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