The ‘Chambong’ Will Be Your New Sunday Funday Staple


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Nice Move

Everyone knows the best part about Sunday Funday is mimosas. Something about drinking champagne out of a flute gives you an air of sophistication. Yeah, it may be a $7 bottle of André in a plastic flute from Walgreens, but who cares? You may as well be Blair Waldorf sipping Moët on a Manhattan rooftop.

Well now you can combine your sophistication with your ability to get really drunk. Get ready for the future: the Chambong.

It’s perfectly perfect in every way. It’s portable. It’s classy. It’s perfect for everyone who always wanted to beer bong, but hated beer. It’s a great Christmas gift. It’s a trendy Instagram pic sure to get at least 100 likes.

Got a hole? Stick a #chambong in it. #donuthole #sundaybrunch #brunch #classyaf #becauseitsawesome

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I fully support this brilliant entrepreneurship. And for only $25?! You could even craft it. Think of all the possibilities. Cheers.

[via BuzzFeed]

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