The First Official Trailer For “AHS: Hotel” Makes All Your Nightmares Come True


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Nice Move

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Okay, October 7th could not come fast enough. If you’re a big AHS die-hard, you know this season is gonna be better than ever. Ryan Murphy says he’s bringing back more of the horror element that the past couple seasons (*cough cough* Freak Show) have been lacking. Remember how life-changing Murder House was?! Imagine that, but then add Lady Gaga, and you have “American Horror Story: Hotel”. My body isn’t ready.

The trailer is the comeback of Lady Gaga we’ve all been waiting for. Let’s all forget about the “Cheek To Cheek” era, she’s back to her freaky, eccentric ways doing what she does best. Add some vocals on top of this trailer, and you’re halfway to one of her videos. Also, peep the old school AHS alum coming back to grace us with their presence. Hello, Chloë Sevigny. Definitely nice to see you again, Matt Bomer.

27 more days.

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