The Man Bun Trend Is Making Guys Go Bald


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Man Bun

Much to Cady Heron’s dismay, girl world is not at peace. And the issue dividing us is a hairy one – literally. It’s the man bun. Half my friends love it and half my friends hate it. As for myself…well, frankly at this point, I’d just be happy to find a guy who has hair.

Which actually may be hard to find soon, if the man bun trend continues. As of a result of the increasing popularity of the hairstyle, scientists are seeing more and more guys develop traction alopecia, a “condition that causes baldness around the forehead and temples due to the pulling back of hair over a long period of time.”

See that last part? “due to the pulling back of hair over a long period of time.” You know. Like a freaking man bun.

Sabra Sullivan, a dermatologist from Jackson, Mississippi, told MIC that she is seeing guy patients “probably once or twice a week” for the condition. She continued on, saying, “They’re putting traction on the hair follicles that the hair is not really meant to take.” And unfortunately, it’s not reversible – once the hair follicle is damaged, it will not grow back.

So for all my of man bun aficionados out there, I ask you this – will you like him in ten years when he looks like a giant man baby? I think not. As much as I hate to say it, and I really thought that this day would never come, it’s here. For the sake of human, and non-bald mankind, I think it’s time to #EndTheManBun before we are stuck with a bunch of balding dudes. It’s the right, more attractive, thing to do.

[via MIC]

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