The Weeknd Cut His Hair And I Don’t Even Know What’s Real Anymore


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If I ever decide to procreate (which I hope for the sake of this Earth I never do), I definitely want my child to be conceived to the sound of The Weeknd’s voice. He produces the best baby-making tunes we’ve heard since Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation,” and if you disagree, you’re either lying or stupid. Listening to his songs makes all of my clothes magically vacate my body without explanation. It’s a force greater than I’ll ever recognize, and I’ll forever thank Abel and his sweet, sweet voice for providing a dynamite soundtrack for all my best romps.

The only thing more majestic than his voice is his hair. It’s one of his most notable attributes, and I personally love how bizarre it is. Let’s take a peek:

Truly magical. I love it. Which is why I nearly shit a brick when I discovered that he had chopped it all off:

i come alive in the fall time

A photo posted by ⚡️✝⚡️ STARBOY ⚡️✝⚡️ (@abelxo) on


A photo posted by ⚡️✝⚡️ STARBOY ⚡️✝⚡️ (@abelxo) on

Apparently he cut it off for the album artwork behind his upcoming album, Starboy. The only thing keeping me from a full on panic attack is the knowledge that this extreme chop is in anticipation of a project that you just know will be straight fire. Still, the internet has spoken, and people are generally just as freaked out as I am:

That he does. I’d love Abel even if he shaved his head. He can do no wrong.


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