These Are The Best Schools In Every State


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Best Schools By State

You guys, I went to the best school in the entire state of Delaware. That wasn’t hard to do, because I think there are like, nine colleges in Delaware, possibly including community colleges, and UD is the only one that cracks the top 500 schools in the country, if I had to guess. But it’s still kind of cool, and I was still proud to read that my school was the best somewhere.

Because so many people go to school in state, Forbes] went through and broke down which schools you should be *hoping* to go to if you want to maintain that in-state tuition fees.

Alabama: Auburn University
Alaska: University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Arizona: University of Arizona
Arkansas: Hendrix College
California: Pomona College
Colorado: United State Air Force Academy
Connecticut: Yale University
Delaware: University of Delaware
Florida: University of Florida
Georgia: Emory University
Hawaii: University of Hawaii, Manoa
Idaho: College of Idaho
Illinois: Northwestern University
Indiana: University of Notre Dame
Iowa: Grinnell College
Kansas: University of Kansas
Kentucky: Centre College
Louisiana: Tulane University
Maine: Bowdoin College
Maryland: United States Naval Academy
Massachusetts: Williams College
Michigan: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Minnesota: Carleton College
Mississippi: Millsaps College
Missouri: Washington University in St. Louis
Montana: Carroll College
Nebraska: Creighton University
Nevada: University of Nevada, Reno
New Hampshire: Dartmouth College
New Jersey: Princeton University
New Mexico: Saint John’s College
New York: United States Military Academy
North Carolina: Duke University
North Dakota: University of North Dakota
Ohio: Oberlin College
Oklahoma: University of Tulsa
Oregon: Reed College
Pennsylvania: Swarthmore College
Rhode Island: Brown University
South Carolina: Wofford College
South Dakota: University of South Dakota
Tennessee: Vanderbilt University
Texas: Rice University
Utah: Brigham Young University
Vermont: Middlebury College
Virginia: Washington and Lee University
Washington: Whitman College
West Virginia: West Virginia University
Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Wyoming: University of Wyoming
Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University

Kind of sucks for states that are home to Ivys, because Princeton is realistically just an outlier, but it’s pretty cool if you live in a state like West Virginia, where you can go to a school that likely offers majors in shotgunning, but you can still be among the best and the brightest.

[via Forbes]

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