This Cheer Squad’s 9/11 Tribute Will Warm Your Heart…Or Maybe Enrage You, Idk


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This Cheer Squad's 9/11 Tribute Will Warm Your Heart...Or Maybe Enrage You, Idk

September 11 is a day that touched so many in this country, but as time goes on, I fear it’s almost a certainty that the day will mean less and less to the younger generations. They will look back on that day like I look back on Pearl Harbor, or the day of JFK’s assassination — they are tragedies this nation faced, and I look back on them with sadness, but they did not rock my core. They did not change my life. 9/11 did.

And so to see teenagers, who were just babies when the tragedy occurred paying tribute to that day — that day I was pulled out of school, that day I watched the footage on TV, that day I couldn’t reach my dad in New York City and wondered if I’d ever see him again — is beautiful, and heartwarming.

Or…is it tasteless? The internet just cannot decide. Texas’s Lumberton High School cheer team did a tribute including actual audio from that awful day. And the result is…well? It’s below. You decide.

So? Beautiful tribute or cringeworthy?

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