Top 25 TSM Photos of 2012


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Nice Move

Hand-painted TOMS with our Lilly print. TSM.

One time, she beat me in the Olympics. It was awesome. TSM.

“Let’s just watch a movie.”

Making your little a “Break-Up Survival Kit” after her boyfriend breaks her heart. TSM.

How Tri Delts watch the debate! TSM.

Srat so hard standards wanna fine me. TSM.

You’re in a sorority? Tell me how much you love your big. TSM.

Barbie creator Ruth Handler’s Santa Monica home. TSM.

Getting three dozen red roses and balloons on your birthday cause he’s deployed to Afghanistan. TSM.

Being serenaded by my high school sweetheart and the rest of his Sigma Chi brothers after being named their fraternity sweetheart! TSM.


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