Tosh.0 Made A Recruitment Video That Puts Yours To Shame


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Nice Move

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Just when you thought that everyone had forgotten about the confusingly large upset that was the “offensive” Alabama Alpha Phi recruitment video, it made an appearance on a recent episode of Tosh.0. Along with the infamous video, Tosh included all of that slow motion, candid laughing goodness from several other videos, while poking fun at the whole process. A little late to the game, but hey, appreciate the love-ish. A very offensive love. Whatever, it’s funny.

But you know what’s better than girls blowing glitter, posing on the ground, and waving hello at the door? Guys doing it. So, so much better.

I see you Tosh, you don’t fool me. I know the only way you nailed the precise recruitment video formula was from watching them on TSM. I don’t blame you. The technique is flawless.

A perfect 10 door entrance.
FTqBrDe - Imgur

An underrated “I’m in a sorority, but I’m also kind of a hippy” shot. Nailed it.

And the new classic, that is the slo-mo glitter blow.

You might as well create a TSM account at this point Tosh. You’re one of us. And you say you’re looking for a former sorority girl from a state school? I think I may know one.

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