Turns Out SoulCycle Is Not So Great For Your Vagina


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Nice Move

The case for skipping your next workout is getting better and better. Turns out workout bikes like the ones used in those oh-so trendy Soul Cycle classes are wrecking your nether region.

According to a scientific report published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, bicycle seats are not doing you a lot of good. The seat is putting a whole lot of pressure on your perineum (AKA the area between your anus and vulva). The bike seat compresses your crucial nerves and arteries. So basically, you end up with loss of sensation. 🙁

So while you’re cycling away, working on your bodycon bod, your vagina is getting more and more numb. But don’t worry, there’s steps you can take to avoid this terrible trauma. If you really insist on keeping up this cycle cardio, the study recommends using a wide, gel-filled seat, raising your handlebars, and wearing padded biking pants. That’s hot.

Or you could skip the gym completely. It’s just not worth the risk.

[via Elite Daily]

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