UA Tri Delt Donates Entire Game Day Winnings To Philanthropy


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Nice Move

UA Tri Delt Donates Entire Game Day Winnings To Philanthropy

Crafting ain’t no big thang to a sorority girl. I mean, it’s a big thang — like, we’re obsessed, but it’s not difficult. Or maybe it is, but we want you to think we fart glitter, okay? In any case, bomb ass crafts are all in a day’s work for the ladies, so it’s no surprise that sorority girls got really into the SEC Nation Gameday Sign Contest this past weekend.

The winning sign, of course, came from a sorority house — Delta Delta Delta of the University of Arkansas. The girls won $1000 for their “It’s Hard To Be Humble” sign, and in true sorority fashion, they’ve elected to give all their winnings to their philanthropy, St. Jude.

The girls said the banner didn’t take them too long to make, just a lot of coffee, and a couple of days, but that ultimately, they think “it’s just awesome to be able to support someone like” St. Jude.

Ugh. S’cute.

[via NWA]

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