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    I solute the only KA Order that has been open longer then the Alpha Delta Chapter of KA. Frat on brother and keep that KA flag flying high.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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    This was probably parked outside of a clan rally. The south is the most blatantly racist geographical region of the states. This goes well with the KA flag when one remembers their Old South parade incident at bama. Indiscretion NF.

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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      i don’t know anyone from the US that calls it “the states” and also you spelled clan wrong if you are referring to the kkk. the north has a fair share of racist people as well, and to wrap it up, its a march not a parade

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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      Self-righteous liberal prick. I don’t know anyone who is racist, only people who hate lazy bums who sit on their front porch and suck from the teets of the federal government at the expense of the working class.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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    The Frat Hatter

    The confederate flag is one of complete and utter defeat. I’m a northerner and feel great every time I see it, because it reminds me of how the North DEFEATED the south in the civil war. Sherman hazing the south. TFM

    ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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      S&W Sweetheart

      The Confederate Battle Flag is NOT one of “complete and utter defeat.” It is the exact opposite. It is a proud representation of a heritage rich in honor and glory and also a tradition of defending the beliefs the people of the South uphold. I’m proud of where I come from. I’m proud of the struggles the men of the South endured to protect their RIGHTS. I’m proud to honor that flag as a Daughter of the Confederacy and a daughter of a reenactor. We fly it just as we fly our American flag- with pride and respect. (Two things you should consider adopting.) We’re taught that we’ve been greatly favored by inheriting a birthright for both. Does that sound like defeat? I think NOT.
      Sugar, your general lack of respect for others is just disgusting to me. NF. You are nothing but a dirty Yankee. Y’all go ahead and rip me and this post apart as I’m sure you will….I don’t care, I have cookies to tend to in the oven.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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      You ignorant ass, that’s not the Confederate flag – its the Rebel flag. There’s a difference. Get lost, damn yankee.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
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      With Buckner as our leader, and Morgan in the van,
      We will plant the flag of freedom in our fair and happy land. We will drive the tyrant’s minions to the Ohio’s rolling flood, And will dye her waves in crimson with coward Yankee blood.
      en cheer ye Southern braves, ye soon shall see the day, When Kentucky’s fairest daughters will cheer you on your way, And then her proud old mothers will welcome one and all, For “United we must stand, or divided we must fall”.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
    • -4
      General Fratton

      I’m fucking tired of the Frat Hatter always having something to criticize on every picture. Nobody cares about how great you say the North is. It’s about pride not about supporting an army or who won and it’s about being proud of what the south stands for. Yu aren’t impressing anybody

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
    • -5
      Sir Knight Buck

      The Confederate flag you see here only represents the South, it is not the Confederate Battle flag (which was similar, but square in shape). This rectangular flag never actually represented the Confederate States of America as its own nation, but over time became known as our symbol for the South. Numerous soldiers carried this rebel flag into battle during WWII. After the Battle of Okinawa a Confederate flag was raised over Shuri Castle by a Marine from the A Company of the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, aka rebel company. It was visible for miles and was taken down on the orders of General Simon B. Buckner, Jr.(my blood relative) who stated that it was inappropriate as “Americans from all over are involved in this battle” (including yankee fucks like you whom he said weren’t allowed to fight under ole dixie). Siding with the naacp in flag support, NF.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
    • -5
      John Fratzgerald Kennedy

      what was the North’s flag during the civil war? Oh yeah, the American flag. You guys lost and we’ve been reunited for a while now so can you stop flying the rebel flag? It makes you look like rednecks and sore losers. No one in the North cares about the civil war anymore I think you guys should stop pretending the south will rise again. I’m not saying forget about the war and the men who died but just accept the fact you lost. Now WWII, that’s a war we can agree on….

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago
    • -6
      Haze Master

      Frat Hatter: Seriously you comment on every picture and always have a critique. The best is how you say y’all in some, so obviously you wish you were from the south. Stop posting on this site you geed.

      ^ ThisBless your heartReply • 5 years ago

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