Watch The Never-Aired Clip Of Kim Kardashian West On “The Hills”


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Nice Move

Here's The Never-Aired Clip Of Kim Kardashian West On "The Hills"

A lot of people think Kim became famous for making a sex tape. And those people would be wrong. Kim became this famous for making a sex tape…and for having the business savvy to turn that sex tape into a multi-million dollar career. But a lot of people have sex tapes, and all it does is ruin their lives, not catapult them into an empire. Kim became famous because she was a socialite, and because people give a shit about what goes on in the lives of the rich and famous.

That was the whole premise of The Hills, after all. It was a bunch of rich and famous people being rich and famous. And you know who showed up on an episode, as revealed last night on The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now reunion? None other than Kimmy herself. Observe.

God, I love it.

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