With Tears Streaming Down Her Face, Little Girl Sings 679 by Fetty Wap Over The Toilet At Her Goldfish’s Funeral


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Nice Move

I don’t have any information on this video outside of what you will see: A teary-eyed little girl singing “679” by Fetty Wap to her dead goldfish during its toilet funeral. It was, apparently, their favorite song. It’s adorably heartbreaking and hysterical.

Can you picture this little girl and her goldfish jamming around her room to this song? I bet it was wild.

I want to send some props to whoever filmed this whole thing while still being sensitive to the little girl’s feelings. If this was me, I’m not sure I could’ve kept a straight face for this beautiful display of friendship.

I hope Fetty Wap reaches out to this little girl with some autographs or merchandise or something. Not that it could ever replace the love between a girl and her 10 cent goldfish, but perhaps it would provide some closure and peace.

Image via YouTube


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