You’ll Never Buy A Bobby Pin Again After Seeing This Hair Clip


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Nice Move


Hate when you can’t find a bottle opener? Or a really tiny ruler? Or a screwdriver? How about all of these things at once? Lucky for you, you can get all of these combined — and in a hair clip.

I present to you, the “Clippa Lady.” While it looks like an unassuming barrette that you’d wear in elementary, it’s actually the swiss army knife of the hair world. Other than another perfect way to utilize the ’90s trend, it’s actually pretty useful.

While your basic bobby pin is only good for holding stray hairs, and getting lost, the “Clippa Lady” can do everything. Jam packed in one little hair clip is a ruler, screw-driver, nail file, bottle opener, scraper, and is sharp enough to open all those Amazon packages. Oh, and it comes in pink.

An additional bonus is how bad-ass you’ll look after whipping a bottle opener out of your hair, and then popping open everyone’s drink. That’s basically the coolest party trick ever.



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