AΓΔ’s President At Pittsburg State University In Kansas Saves Sisters From Burning Bus

This Saturday, the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta had planned to attend the annual Fraternal Leadership Summit in Overland Park, Kan. As sororities are wont to do, they decided to travel to it by bus. At 6:45am, a fire was reported, and police and firefighters found the bus “engulfed in flames” on the side of the highway. Driver Steve Roberts said he’d pulled over as the bus was overheated, when the flames began.

It was at this time that a completely composed sorority president, Mary Kate Gartner, told her chapter, “We need to evacuate the bus.” She was said to have been firm and composed in explaining exactly what the girls needed to do to get off the bus safely. Thanks to her leadership, none of her sisters were hurt. Roberts attempted to put the fire out with an extinguisher, but the FD took over.

AGD still made it to their conference that day.

I’m sure that “sister of the week” will be an underwhelming award for MK (can I call you MK?) to receive, as that’s usually an award given to the sister who distracts the boys when she picks you up in the morning because you fell asleep in the frat house bathroom…at least in my sorority. This girl is literally president of the year. On the negative side, presidents everywhere are reminded that they really do have to be sober at every event, but I hope that doesn’t prevent the girls from throwing a party in her honor.

Nice work, Mary Kate. And never forget that every time people bitch about you being a hardass in the future, you’ve always got “Well, I literally saved your life” as a comeback.

[via The Daily Star]

Image via The Daily Star


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