This Entire Chapter Was Drugged By Their DJ At Formal


Formal is always a shit show. It’s the last event of the semester and everyone is trying to let loose. It’s not uncommon for a few people go a little overboard with the shots, but when an entire chapter wakes up the next morning with no memory of what went down the previous night and one sister in the hospital, you know something is not right.

That’s exactly what happened to an anonymous sorority at their most recent formal. We received a tip from a sister who said her chapter hired a new DJ team for their event because they were cheaper than the people they normally used. Here’s what she told us happened next.

It came time for formal, everyone looked great and we were all having a blast. Most sisters pregamed for the formal like normal so formal was pretty lit to begin with. We had a few sisters at the formal who chose to stay sober just in case anything bad happened, which turned out to be a very good decision.

Nothing out of the ordinary here, and in fact, this sounds a lot more responsible than most formals I’ve been a part of.

As the night went on, things were starting to get a little more wild than most of our other events have in the past. I was doing my own thing when I heard the DJs say over the speakers that they were giving out shots. This was a shock to me because this had never happened at any of the other sorority events I had been to. However, being the young alcoholic that I am, I couldn’t turn down free shots! I watched the DJs pour the shots for me, my date, and a group of my friends because I’ve always been taught to never take a drink if you don’t know where it came from. I saw the handle of liquor that the DJs were pouring the shots from and it looked totally normal.

This girl knows how to party smart. Unfortunately, it gets worse.

We took the shots and I immediately felt very drunk, but this didn’t surprise me too much because I’m not good at handling liquor (I’m definitely more of a beer and wine girl). I was having an amazing time with my date and we ended up taking a couple more shots from the DJs before the night was over. Things got really wild towards the end of the night. Everyone was out on the dance floor, even some of the shyest, most conservative and modest sisters that I have ever known, who usually never drink, were twerking and droppin’ it low out there! There were a few times throughout the night where I heard about some of my sisters throwing up in the bathroom, but I decided not to worry too much about that because it happens every year.

This wouldn’t surprise me too much. If there’s a place and time for a normally conservative girl to let loose, it’s sorority formal. As for the puking, I firmly believe that if someone didn’t get sick or cry, it was not a successful formal.

By the end of the night, things were very blurry and I don’t remember leaving the venue. After formal, I somehow made it to the bar with my date, even though I don’t remember being there at all. I woke up the next morning feeling absolutely awful. I’ve had my fair share of hangovers, but this one definitely took the cake. I texted a bunch of my friends trying to find someone to go get lunch with me so that I might start feeling better, but they all felt as sick as I did.

Sounds like a pretty average morning after formal, right? Wrong.

My best friend texted me about one of our sisters who had gone to the hospital the previous night and I immediately felt my stomach drop. I had never heard of that happening before, especially since this was one of our more well-behaved sisters. We all managed to recover from our awful hangovers, and a few days later we got more information about the sister who went to the hospital. Apparently she had gotten so sick that night that some of our sober sisters had to take her to the hospital because they were all very worried about her. She hadn’t drunk anything except some wine at the pregame that she bought for herself and the shots from the DJs, so it was very suspicious that she had gotten so sick. While she was at the hospital, a toxicology test was done and the results showed codeine in her system. Although it’s a possibility that someone could have put something in her drink at the pregame, it’s very unlikely based on the people she was pregaming with. That only leaves the option that the DJs added something to the handle of liquor they were passing out.

It had to be the DJs. To my knowledge, none of the other girls had a toxicology test done, but considering the only other drink this sister had was wine she bought herself, it makes sense. They probably thought slipping a little something into the shots would make the girls have a better time and better their chance of the sorority using them for their next event.

It’s crazy to think that something like this happened to a sorority, but we already know drugging drinks is more common of a practice than we think. It’s important to be super diligent about your safety and never take a drink from someone you don’t know, or even someone you think you know but don’t 100 percent trust.

As for the sorority, they contacted the DJs company and the two DJs no longer work for them. Good riddance, bastards.

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